Why it's worth to choose PVX ?

Software-based PBX system

PVX is a software-based PBX system. PVX PBX solutions leverage the existing operating...

Save Cost

PVX attribute you the seamless Unified Communication features. This will drastically bring down...


PVX features easily configured and accessed on mobile. This will eliminate the location constraints...

Easy Installation

Usage, Maintenance, and Upgrade With PVX, IP-PBX installation is just a click away. PVX does not...

PVX just not promises Huge Cost Savings, but also provides you below mentioned additional Benefits to your Business


About PVX

PVX is a software based IP PBX telephony system that offers complete unified communication services to organizations.

PVX is founded in the year 2017; the company is based out of Bangalore, India. We help organizations to provide best customer service with unified communications.

We believe customers’ success leads to organization’s success and we strive to help you achieve customer success every single day.

Slash your telephone & hardware costs and increase profits
with a unified PVX Platform.