Run On-Premise or Cloud

PVX is a standard software oriented IP Phone system that can work with any IP phone and SIP trunks on-premise or in the cloud.

PVX provides provisions of Unified communications, including, calling, A/V conferencing, presence, Email, Chat, Desktop sharing. Your organization can be free of issues of PBX management, Cost. PVX can eliminate the limitations of old style phone system or of a shared cloud PBX system.


Installation and management

PVX can run on your existing server without bothering hardware. PVX installations can be done on any PBX device. You can move your PBX to any server or into cloud by using built-in backup and restore options. While installing PVX you get complete freedom to install on the place, SIP trunk and IP phones to use this will save you enormous cost.

Virtualize with any server without changing hardware.

PVX installation is easy and can be done without training.

PVX can run can on a low cost PBX Appliance.

On Cloud

Get Your IP phone get running on cloud in minutes with our cloud solutions.

Avail all the features of Unified communications on a cloud with Popular IP hone Sip trunks and gateways. With PVX you need not worry about long winded installations and tedious configurations of cloud.

PVX helps you deploy and configure your UC suite of Linux Operating system and you can deploy PVX on your own cloud provider.

Slash your telephone & hardware costs and increase profits
with a unified PVX Platform.