Software-based PBX system

PVX is a software-based PBX system. PVX PBX solutions leverage the existing operating systems. This makes the process of adding functions easier. With software, based PBX up gradation becomes easier, irrespective of your hardware. Software-based PBX allows you to integrate your VOIP database with other ERP applications. The software eliminates the risk of losing data as you can take a backup which was not possible with hardware-based PBX.

Save Cost

PVX attribute you the seamless Unified Communication features. This will drastically bring down the cost you incur on SIP calls, Audio/Video conferences, messaging. UC Suites bring all the features accessible with the internet connection; this will eliminate the cost you incur on every communication features by a third party vendor.

PVX eliminates the cost you require to upgrade the system and infrastructure change to be done after upgrading the plugins. This will save you the money you spend on hardware and infrastructure change.


PVX features easily configured and accessed on mobile. This will eliminate the location constraints and helps you save time and increase productivity. Mobility feature helps traveling and field employees to communicate effectively without spending money on phone bills.

Easy Installation, Usage, Maintenance, and Upgrade

With PVX, IP-PBX installation is just a click away. PVX does not require a consultant or a training schedule for installation, usage, upgrade, and maintenance.

Slash your telephone & hardware costs and increase profits
with a unified PVX Platform.