Reduce your Telecom Costs

Organizations often invest a lot of money on telecom. Telephone bills, out of term contracts, carrier mismatch, product or service match can increase your telecom which is 30% more.

With PVX you can reduce your telephone bills, the cost of buying and maintaining an IP PBX. PVX cloud solutions allow you self-host your telecom servers with low monthly payments. This reduces the heavy cost you incur per extension.

PVX features integrated Web conference solutions that allow you to host a web conference to make face to face communications irrespective of the place.

Slash your Telecom Costs

With PVX you can eliminate 30% extra cost you put into buying and maintain PBX.

PVX can reduce your 80% telephone bills which saves you enormous cost.

Remote employees can make free calls from anywhere in the world.

WebRTC technology reduces monthly costs you spend on extensions.

Eliminate extra extension licensing costs for under power hardware’s that run out of ports.

Cloud hosting and virtualization on your own hardware eliminate hosting and maintenance costs.

Web conference eliminates extra cost you put on web conferencing and our comprehensive solutions avoids your travel costs you incur on meetings and conferences.

Slash your telephone & hardware costs and increase profits
with a unified PVX Platform.