Unified Communications

PVX configured softphone and smartphones gets features of advanced Unified communications without investing the extra costs on new PBX hardware and without learning new software’s.

PVX software is flexible to use and provides access to all the tools of communication irrespective of the device.

PVX provides best solutions and competitive edge for the organizations that require a single system for all the office communication.

Presence status

With PVX Presence status view feature avoid unnecessary call transfers and voice mail tags. This makes working with and managing remote employees easier. Presence feature status eliminates disturbances and increases seamless communication, employee productivity.

Messaging and Chat

PVX allows you to send text messages and your employees can communicate by chatting without relying on other messaging platforms.

PVX users can send messages from the desktop and from their Android, Windows and IOS softphones.

Fax and Voice mail deliver

PVX converts your fax messages to pdf and send to receiver’s mail id without the need for extra hardware or software. Similarly Voice mail is converted to sound file formats and sent to receivers email id’s without the need for external third party voice mail service provider.

Slash your telephone & hardware costs and increase profits
with a unified PVX Platform.